Will having a professional clean your carpet get rid of the smell of smoke?

Of all the foul odours that can be present in a home, cigarette smoke seems to be the most potent; its scent remains long after the offender has been extinguished. With their vast surface area and numerous porous fibres, carpets are the ideal accomplice, harbouring the stale odour for months. Even if you do not smoke, moving into a house that was previously occupied by a smoker may leave you with lingering odours and stains on the walls and ceilings. Especially if it has soaked into the carpet, the smell can be downright unbearable. The process of eliminating this odour from your home can be very challenging, but it is not impossible to get rid of it for good, and we are here to show you how!

In this article, we will be going over the process of getting rid of the smell, and we will also be answering the question, “Will professional carpet cleaning remove smoke smells from your carpet?”

How exactly do I remove cigarette odour from my carpet?

There are numerous chemicals and a sticky, brown substance known as tar in cigarette smoke. A few stray cigarettes smoked indoors will not significantly contribute to tar and residue accumulation. Nonetheless, if you or a household member smokes indoors constantly for months or years, brown stains and stale odours will accumulate heavily on carpets, furniture, and even the walls. 

Smoking is a habit, and adults are free to indulge in cigarettes as they see fit, but it cannot be denied that cigarette smoke emits an unpleasant odour and can cause damage to its surroundings. Even though carpets are composed of fibres that readily absorb particles and odours from the surrounding environment, this odour can be easily transferred to carpets. Vacuuming alone will help remove the ash and some particles, but the cigarette smoke aroma embedded within the carpet’s fibres cannot be easily removed.

Here are some DIY methods you can apply using household items to help remove the smell:

  • Baking Soda 

Due to its extraordinary ability to absorb odours, baking soda is one of the most effective tools for removing cigarette or smoke odours from carpeting. Sprinkle an inch’s worth of baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for approximately eight hours before vacuuming. If the carpet’s odour persists, repeat the process.

  • Vinegar

Smoke-scented carpets can be eliminated with vinegar, which has a reputation for being an excellent stench eliminator. Mix vinegar with water and mist your carpet with the solution. Allow it to sit and dry thoroughly. If the odour is particularly potent, you may need to repeat this process, but it should be sufficient. Bowls of vinegar can also be used to eliminate odours from the air.

  • Lavender

A mixture of dried lavender and baking soda can be used as a simple and effective carpet deodorizer. Before going to bed, combine the two ingredients and sprinkle them over the entire carpet. Allow it to sit overnight (or for 8 hours if doing it during the day). Thoroughly vacuum, and if necessary, repeat the process. After a few unsuccessful attempts, it may be time to contact a professional. 

Will cigarette smoke stain my carpet permanently?

As mentioned previously, cigarette smoke contains a multitude of toxic chemicals and tar. Tar is primarily responsible for carpet discolouration. Even if you quit smoking, the particles, tar, and chemicals left behind on a rug may continue to recirculate in the air if you do not have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Even the sticky tar that accumulates on the carpet as a result of cigarette smoke can be eliminated if you employ a professional carpet cleaning service that guarantees results. To add to the difficulty of removing cigarette smoke stains, the tar in cigarette smoke can actively discolour carpets. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional service that can eliminate the odour of cigarette smoke and the stains that tobacco smoke can leave behind on the carpet.

Does carpet cleaning remove cigarette smoke?

Unfortunately, many home remedies for eliminating cigarette smoke may temporarily mask the odour. People typically use mild chemicals for carpet cleaning, which is a safe bet if you are attempting to eliminate cigarette smoke odours and not stains. In addition to masking odours, chemicals can deep-clean the carpet’s fibres. However, the products you select may not be suitable for your carpet; they may be too harsh, causing damage to your carpets, or insufficient to eliminate the pervasive cigarette smoke odour.

Steam cleaning is an effective method for removing the odour of cigarette smoke from carpets without the use of harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning uses powerful and hot steam to extract dirt and grime from a carpet while simultaneously sanitising it. Steam cleaners heat water to approximately 180 degrees Celsius and transform it into a vapour steam that can be used to thoroughly clean carpets. Not only will it kill bacteria and loosen dirt, but it can also help remove some of the offensive odours left by smoking.

Typically, cigarette smoke lingers in the tars and oils of tobacco; when someone smokes, these tars and oils melt and become airborne, adhering to walls, floors, upholstery, and other surfaces. Tars and oils are melted by steam cleaning, making it easier to extract them during the cleaning process. As you remove these tars and oils, you also eliminate the trapped smoke molecules and odours. Steam also helps loosen dirt and other oils, kills mould and mildew, and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.

Keep in mind, steam cleaning is only the first step. Steam loosens dirt and grease from your carpet, which must then be vacuumed. Since steam cleaning requires a significant amount of power to be effective, you will likely not obtain satisfactory results if you use a standard handheld steam cleaner. The more powerful the equipment and the higher the temperature, the more effective it will be at eliminating lingering odours like cigarette smoke. 

Why do you need to hire a professional carpet cleaner?

Smoke damage and the lingering odour it leaves behind can be a nuisance. The decision to clean or replace a carpet will ultimately depend on the carpet’s condition, the type of soot, and whether it can be cleaned adequately. Some carpets can be cleaned with DIY methods, while others require professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners can access industrial tools and equipment unavailable to homeowners and business owners. Even if a homeowner or business owner wanted to purchase the same sophisticated equipment, they would need the knowledge to operate it and the funds to purchase and maintain it.

Realistically, cleaning and drying your carpets would consume so much time, leaving you with less time to relax or pursue any of your hobbies. If you want to free up more time in your schedule, you should hire a professional to clean your carpets for a reasonable price. There is nothing more satisfying than kicking back and unwinding, knowing that a professional will be in charge of cleaning your carpet. Because let’s be honest, a lot can go wrong when you try to clean your carpet yourself thoroughly. When you decide to clean the carpet yourself, there are many factors to consider, such as the cleaning product to use, the cleaning method to employ, and the essential equipment you need to do the job.

By employing a professional carpet cleaning service, you can rest assured that they are trained to handle specific situations, such as water damage, difficult stains, and dealing with chemicals that require delicate handling.

Bottom Line

Tobacco smoke is one of the worst things for your home. It can penetrate carpets, ceilings, and even window blinds. Any fabric in the house is capable of retaining odours for extended periods. In the absence of adequate carpet cleaning, carpet fibres will contain the scent of smoke and cigarettes for even longer. Even if you are not a smoker, moving into a previously smoked-in residence may leave you with smoke odour and stains.

Especially if it has soaked into the carpet, the odour can be absolutely unbearable. Smoke damage and the lingering smell it leaves behind can be a nuisance. The decision to clean or replace a carpet will ultimately depend on the carpet’s current condition, the equipment needed, and the types of chemicals for every kind of soot. The process of eliminating this odour from your home can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Some DIY methods are suitable for masking the smell, but you can never go wrong when you decide to hire professionals. 

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