Strip and Sealing

Strip and seal is the process of taking off the old existing sealer and putting the new coats of sealer to protect the floor and make it look new and shiny again.

We strip and seal all types of floors like terrazzo, vinyl, natural stones and tiled floors. We strip off the old existing sealer using the best solution of stripper chemicals and seal with at least two coats of appropriate sealer depending the floors types. Our services can range from small house floors to shopping centers floors. No job is too small or too big.

We believe in a safety-first policy so we barricade the place and put caution notices which prohibit any disturbance to freshly-put sealer or stripper chemicals. We will remove all the barricade and cautions signs after the sealer is dried and the floor is fully usable.

We will take 100% responsibility of our cleaning standards and guarantee you the best possible results.