Pressure Cleaning Perth

Dirt and grime buildup can make any property look stained and run down, at xxxx we make sure you do not have to settle for that. We are an experienced high-pressure cleaning and sealing company in Perth Western Australia, that offers a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties.

We take customer satisfaction seriously and aim to provide an easy, no-fuss solution to all our client’s jobs. To help achieve this we provide a large range of pressure cleaning, sealing and stain removal to tackle stains against all different types of surfaces. 

Pressure Cleaning Perth

If you want to help your property look fully restored, then look no further than xxxx!

We are highly regarded within the Perth community as a top-rated high-pressure cleaning service. Our tools can be used for several surfaces – driveways, concrete, bore water stains, graffiti and more! 

We are proud to be highly regarded and continue to strive to exceed client expectations. As a company that has worked hard to achieve great results, we work to maintain that reputation within the pressure cleaning industry. 

Instead of wasting your own free time and resources trying to clean your property, why not leave the task to the professionals? This is our expertise – what would have taken you days to complete will only take us a matter of hours. This takes the issue off your hands so you can go about your day with no disruptions.

Your property reflects who you are, it is important to give off a good impression!

Let xxxx help you make your property look brand new once again. Request a free quote now to get started. 

We appreciate a challenge and no surface has ever been too difficult for us. No matter how tough the stain or dirt may be, we can restore each property to its squeaky clean state. 


Below are a few of the surfaces that we can provide cleaning service for:

Roofs – Our team can handle any kind of roofing or materials;

Paving – We can help restore your paving to its original state to retain its quality;

Walls – No stain is too tough to remove from your exterior walls or fences;

Liquid Limestone – Delicate surfaces like so require particular cleaning methods;

Exposed Aggregate – Such porous surfaces can be restored with our expertise;

Concrete – Concrete surfaces such as driveways or pathways can be made sparkling new with our help;

Decks – We can help improve the appearance of your deck and have it looking brand new for your family to use; 

Don’t see the surface you need to be cleaned? Then give us a call so we can provide a customised cleaning solution for you today!