Which is Better: Steam Cleaning or Carpet Shampooing?

Maintaining a clean carpet can feel like a never-ending effort. Thick carpet threads retain dirt, dust, pet dander, and a multitude of other particles. Regular vacuuming can remove some of the foreign materials, but the remaining particles that cannot be cleaned will slowly build up within the fibres. This means that regardless of how often you clean your carpet, it will become dirtier over time. However, if you choose to give your carpet a deep clean, it will be free from germs, mould, pathogens, and deep stains. Carpet shampooing and steam cleaning are both effective ways of deep cleaning home carpets. Choosing between both of these cleaning methods may be difficult. The decision frequently hinges on availability, regularity of cleaning, and whether or not you want a professional to clean your carpets.

In this article, we will tackle a debate within the sanitary cleaning industry, Which is Better: Steam Cleaning or Carpet Shampooing? so you can decide which cleaning method is superior.

What exactly is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning, commonly known as the hot-water extraction method, is a carpet cleaning technique that utilises warm to hot water instead of steam. People favour steam cleaning carpets since it only requires heat, water pressure, or steam to eliminate embedded dirt and other particles. In most instances, the expert will utilise a truck-mounted steam cleaner to inject warm water and steam into the carpet. High-pressure hot water at temperatures ranging from 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit is injected under high temperatures into the carpet to dissolve the tenacious dirt and fibres that are stuck together. 

This combination of high pressure and high warmth successfully removes unwanted particles from carpet fibres. Some commercial steam cleaners include an agitation function to dislodge more particles. The pollutants left behind need to be extracted by a high power vacuum cleaner and placed in the holding tank to be discarded later. Carpets can be cleaned with steam to eliminate bed bugs, moulds, viruses, germs, dust mites, and other microscopic pests.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

For those with allergies or highly sensitive to pungent odours, steam cleaning can be the most effective method for deep cleaning or spot cleaning carpets in your home. The odourless water vapour produced is an excellent technique to kill bacteria and remove dirt that contributes to other offensive odours. In contrast to sprays and dry cleaners, steam cleaning a carpet does not inject ingredients that would leave a residue. Steam cleaning is an excellent and efficient method for removing residue from carpet fibres, such as mould and pet odours.

It is also efficient at restoring the appearance of carpets that have been ignored for an extended period of time. The restorative effects are usually visible in high-traffic areas, such as hallway carpets, where foot movement compresses the “path” over time. When all other cleaning methods have failed, steam cleaning is frequently a “last resort” method that yields results. Steam cleaning injects liquid into carpet fibres, but significantly less than if you shampoo your carpet by hand to disinfect and rejuvenate it.

What exactly is Carpet Shampooing?

Similar to steam cleaning, carpet shampooing combines hot temperatures and high pressure to clean the carpet and the floor. This cleaning technique includes the addition of carpet shampoo. In many instances, this needs a dry foam cleaning product, however, although a professional may employ an alternative shampoo technique. The combination of these components produces a rich lather that efficiently loosens grime for extraction.

Typically, the cleaning device being used features revolving brushes that generate sufficient agitation to remove more dirt and even scrape out stains deeply embedded in the carpet fibres. In addition to shampooing the carpet, the carpet is rinsed with fresh, hot water. This moisture must then be removed thoroughly with a strong vacuum.

Advantages of Carpet Shampooing

The shampoo method provides an exceptional range of cleaning options for various carpet textures and stain types. There are specially developed cleaning products for every kind of carpet stain. Steam Cleaning utilises just water, thus benefiting the environment and persons with chemical sensitivities. Also available for purchase are carpet-specific cleaning solutions. This availability of specialised techniques is advantageous for chemically-sensitive carpets.

Shampooing also has a long lasting effect on your carpet. The cleaning solutions you will use become incorporated into the carpet fibres, forming a light barrier against dirt and germs. This long lasting effect makes the second carpet cleaning easier than the first because the carpet foams rapidly. Carpet shampooing is the most efficient way to agitate carpet fibres. The brush loosens the grime and prepares the carpet for a more thorough chemical “siege” of these unpleasant stains.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

It is difficult to determine which of these popular carpet cleaning methods best meets your specific demands. Reputable carpet cleaning businesses will tailor their recommendations to your home’s needs. Ultimately, you may rest assured that both of these cleaning methods provide substantial cleaning power. Regardless of the method, your carpeting will be cleaner, but steam cleaning eliminates bacteria, germs, and stains. When the carpet is unclean without substantial stains, steam cleaning is recommended.  Carpet shampooing is often necessary for badly discoloured or filthy flooring.

A specialist can analyse your situation to determine whether steaming or shampooing is necessary to achieve the desired results. If your carpet is saturated with collected particles or spotted with stains, the appearance of your carpet may be embarrassing to present to specialists. In rare instances, the carpeting may be the source of an offensive odour. Once you know that your carpet’s current state is far beyond your capacity to clean it, we advise you to call a professional to look at it. Professional carpet cleaning is an excellent approach to revitalising your carpet and providing a cleaner home atmosphere, regardless of your concerns.

Bottom line

Let us take a last quick look at both cleaning methods. There is a suitable shampoo for every carpet type, making shampoo cleaning a flexible option. However, it leaves a residue many individuals may not be comfortable with, and carpet fibres tend to fade and lose colour with time. It only provides brief relief from insect infestations. In contrast, steam cleaning is a clean, safe, residue-free alternative. It penetrates carpet fibres more thoroughly than shampooing. 

It provides lasting protection against insect and parasite infections. However, it has difficulty eliminating grease stains and can warp certain types of carpet. But all in all, you can’t go wrong with both when choosing between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet. We hope that you were able to look deep into how each method works and when is the right situation to use them. If you or someone close to you are in search of a carpet cleaning specialists in Perth, then BOAS are the team you need! We have the potential to care for and maintain the international standards of your buildings and offices, including your carpets, upholstery and all types of floors. 

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