The 5 Disadvantages of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Like everything else in life, there are benefits and drawbacks to doing DIY carpet cleaning. Some may argue that these methods can help in cutting down costs since you can choose to rent equipment and not worry about the labour. 

However, some may not realise that these “money-saving” procedures are actually doing more harm than good to their carpets. In this article, we’ll examine the downsides of DIY carpet cleaning.

#5 Overwetting

A common disadvantage of DIY carpet cleaning is using too much water. This can cause the carpet to remain wet for several days. If this is not remedied promptly, a musty odour and the growth of bacteria and mould will ensue.

This is a significant drawback that you should highly avoid because an accumulation of bacteria and mould present a health risk. The respiratory system can be affected, resulting in breathing difficulties.

If you are experiencing this problem, you can open your windows and doors to increase ventilation and accelerate the drying process of your wet carpet. In certain extreme circumstances, calling a professional cleaner is the best option.

#4 Compromised durability

When you choose to do DIY carpet cleaning methods, you prepare the necessary cleaning supplies and solutions. Unbeknownst to you, your cleaning products and equipment can cause your carpet to become dull and possibly fade more quickly. They can also cause the material to appear frayed or matted, ultimately compromising its durability.

It would help if you remembered that carpets are made of various fibre types that necessitate the use of distinct cleaning materials and formulations. In addition, the right temperature with the right amount of water should also be considered when cleaning your carpet. 

#3 Inadequate stain removal

We clean stains on the carpet immediately after noticing them. Sometimes, we use readily available soap or research the different ways we can get rid of the problem. Most of the time, your final formulation will contain baking soda, white vinegar, water, and dish soap in a spray bottle. After hours of gruelling labour, you are finished! 

At times like this, it is not uncommon for stains to reappear. This is because the method used to clean the carpet was insufficient for penetrating the stain’s depth. Since store-bought machines lack the power of expert equipment, they are incapable of extracting as much dirt. While you might think that your coloured juice just stained the surface of your carpet, it most likely already reached the button of the material. 

#2 Shrinkage

When we perform DIY carpet cleaning, we are most often unaware of how much water our carpets can handle. Moreover, excessive soaking or using too much water is one of the leading reasons for carpet shrinkage. When water penetrates the wool and deep into the jute, the jute swells, causing the fibres weaved over and under it to travel further.

The bad news is that a shrunken carpet is a permanent issue. If the shrinkage is minor enough, you may be able to stretch the carpet back into place. Otherwise, you may need to replace the carpet entirely. 

#1 Health risks

When performing carpet cleaning on your own, you rely on readily available cleaning products. You may believe they are harmless because they are mild, but this may not be true. The majority of cleaning products contain chemicals that pose health risks.

Consider the case of bleach. It contains sodium hypochlorite in low concentrations, but improper handling can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Some cleaning products also contain naphthalene, whose fumes can cause vertigo, drowsiness, nausea, and appetite loss. This is why jobs that require the use of chemicals are better handled by professionals. 

Final thoughts

The best idea to deal with your carpet problems is to contact a reliable carpet company that can guarantee the best results. That’s the best favour you can do to your carpet. At BOAS, you’ll be able to see how the carpet cleaning professionals will deal with your carpet issues, and you will be amazed at the results. 

The entire staff has extensive experience cleaning carpets in both business and residential settings. They are uniquely suited to care for all types of carpets because of the knowledge and skills they have gained over the years.