10 Essential House Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Tidying up your home takes a lot of work, perhaps even more when you aren’t using the right tools for the job. You want to tackle the most tedious of cleaning tasks with confidence and this can only be achieved by equipping yourself with these 10 house cleaning essentials that we believe every home should have.


  1. A set of microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths are versatile cleaning tools that serve a wide range of applications. You can use it to soak up spills, wipe down your windows and leave it smudge-free, and even dust off your window sills and baseboards. The great thing about microfiber cloth is that it holds onto dust, dirt, and other particles effectively thanks to it’s ultra-tiny fibers.

As long as you wash it off after each use, you’ll find a set of microfiber cloths handy for just about every cleaning task you can imagine. Keep a set of 3 microfiber cloths in your cleaning arsenal and use them for different cleaning tasks.

  1. Gloves

Before you go out and tackle your cleaning checklist, make sure to wear a pair of durable cleaning gloves. Wearing gloves prevents you from making contact with bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can threaten your health. Gloves also protect your skin against chemical burns. You never want to handle all-purpose cleaners and other chemicals with your bare hands because they strip away your skin’s oils and leave them feeling dry and itchy.

  1. Cleaning caddy

A cleaning caddy is a handy way of storing all your essential house cleaning tools together. When cleaning, you want to have easy access to your cleaning supplies for a more efficient use of time and energy. With a cleaning caddy, everything you need is within arm’s reach, no matter which area of the house you’re cleaning.

  1. Squeegee

We all know how difficult it is to clean a window without leaving streaks of water or a messy puddle. To solve that, use a squeegee. The flat, bladed surface of a squeegee does a great job of controlling the flow of liquid and remove water-borne dirt from the windows. If you want your windows to look nice and clean, use the humble squeegee to get things done.

  1. Vacuum cleaner

No modern home is complete without a vacuum cleaner. It’s the quintessential cleaning tool that helps reduce the dust count inside your property. Brooms aren’t quite effective at picking up dust since it just scatters the fine particles after every sweep. While the vacuum cleaner may be the most expensive tool on this list, it’s definitely one of the most effective at keeping your home dust-free (and pet-dander free too).

  1. Spin mop

When it comes to treating large spills, small microfiber cleaning cloths just won’t cut it. In this scenario, spin mops are the ideal cleaning tool to use. Spin mops are convenient since you don’t have to wring the mop head yourself. You just place it on the spinning basket and pump away to dry the mop head. Choose a spin mop that uses microfiber for better absorption of dust, dirt, and liquids.

  1. Grout brush

Getting into the nooks and crannies in your bathroom can prove quite challenging when using an ordinary brush. For this reason, you want to invest in a grout brush to better clean your bathroom. A grout brush has an angled brush head that allows it to really get in between those hard to reach areas to remove grime, filth, and other bathroom stains.

  1. Magic erasers

While magic erasers may look like an ordinary sponge, they’re actually made out of melamine foam. This type of foam acts like an abrasive cleaner that tackles even the toughest stains in your home. When melamine resin cures into foam, its entire microstructure becomes just as hard as glass. This hardened surface almosts feels like super-fine sandpaper which gives the magic eraser its stain-busting capabilities.

You can use magic erasers on pretty much any surface and it’ll leave zero marks and stains. Do note however that since this product is abrasive, you should definitely avoid using magic erasers on satin or highly glossy finishes or else they’ll wind up getting scratched.

  1. Spray bottles

Keep spray bottles in your cleaning caddy at all times and fill them up with water. If you ever need to rinse something off, just spray the surface and you’re good to go. We recommend choosing plastic spray bottles over glass ones because they’re more durable and they hold up almost any liquid you store inside them.

  1. Microfiber duster

The last essential house cleaning tool on our list is a microfiber duster. A microfiber duster is a multi-purpose dusting tool that you can use to dust window blinds, ceiling fans, chandeliers, and even photo frames. Conventional feather dusters aren’t great at picking up dust and only scatters them in the air (which can trigger allergies in certain individuals). With a microfiber duster, all it takes is just a quick wipe and the dust gets trapped immediately between the fibers. Just make sure to rinse them every now and then to get rid the of dust, dirt, and other fine particles.

Investing in the right house cleaning tools will certainly make a world of difference when cleaning your home. When armed with the right equipment, you can make any cleaning task a breeze. Make sure to include these 10 essential cleaning tools in your supply cabinet to help keep your home nice and clean. Should you ever require any further assistance with regards to cleaning, then get in touch with your local cleaning expert for additional information.