Why Should You Have Carpet Cleaning After an Illness?

Families and business owners around the nation have had to become cleaning specialists in a matter of months. The pandemic has made cleaning and disinfecting more urgent than they were previously. As we all know, the Australian Government Bureau of Statistics is continually revising the current number of infected individuals caused by Covid 19. However, this is not the only virus in existence. Have you or a family member lately been diagnosed with a severe cold, stomach virus, or influenza? This may sound strange, but your carpet may be the cause. A single sneeze can spread germs over a broad region of your home. Where do these germs land?—as we all know, primarily on the ground.


In this article, we will be giving you helpful insight as to why you should have your carpet cleaned after an illness to ensure it won’t be a carrier of any unwanted bacteria and viruses!


Why do your carpets need to be cleaned after an illness or virus?

For the majority of adults living in their own houses, carpet poses a serious health danger. On average, most carpets can gather up to 40 pounds of dirt annually. Depending on where you reside, the average home contains around twice as much dust as the air outside. Scientists think one ounce of carpet dust can sustain thousands of dust mites.


Infectious organisms discovered in carpets can cause illness. The stomach flu-causing Norovirus can thrive on an uncleaned carpet for more than a month. However, utilising an outdated vacuum can be detrimental. The air emitted by a running vacuum cleaner has been recognised by microbiologists as one of the five locations in the home with the largest concentration of bacteria.


Carpets can only be sanitised, not disinfected

Cleaning is not the same as sanitising; sanitising is not the same as disinfecting. These phrases are frequently used interchangeably, yet they have fundamental differences. In reality, carpets can only be sanitised, not disinfected. The carpet has microscopic pores or holes that can trap dirt and bacteria as a porous surface.


The good news is that absorbent surfaces are less friendly to COVID-19-causing viruses like SARS-CoV-2. Due to the fact that viruses are contained in the character’s holes, they are less likely to migrate to other surfaces and hence have a short lifespan. Before sanitising or disinfecting any surface, it must be thoroughly cleaned. This prevents viruses from lurking beneath dirt and dust layers.


Regular vacuuming of your carpet helps with the aesthetics and general feel of the carpet. Still, it does not remove the deep-down dirt and grit that is degrading the fibres and providing a breeding ground for bacteria. However, most significantly, it will not kill those harmful bacteria. Deep cleaning and sanitising carpets require removing the loose soil and other pollutants, such as tar or paint.


Steam carpet cleaning does an excellent job of sterilising any carpet by using approved cleaning agents, forcing hot water under high pressure(steam) into the carpet, dislodging the dirt, bacteria, dust mites and other lurking nasties, combined with a powerful vacuum at the same time extracting the grime to be disposed of elsewhere, thus ridding your carpet of germs and grime reducing the likelihood of re-infection, and as a bonus gives your valuable carpet a


Maintain a routine of cleaning your carpets

Most carpet cleaning specialists agree that the number of times you vacuum depends on the amount of foot traffic on the carpet. Daily vacuuming is also an absolute must if you have pets. The carpet should be cleaned at least twice a week on average. However, your efforts are futile if you still use the vacuum you received as a wedding gift. Older vacuums lack sufficient suction to efficiently remove the dirt and debris that builds in the carpet.


In addition to routine upkeep, carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on the frequency of use. Some experts believe that every two years is sufficient. Although various health risks are related to the chemicals commonly used in professional cleaning, many cleaning firms offer steam cleaning or cleaners that pose no health risk.


Lastly, hiring an expert to inspect your property is an excellent way to detect the hidden dangers lurking in little nooks and crannies in your home. Common hazards for tripping and falling, buckled carpeting and some loose-fitting pieces can be repaired by an expert. This specialist can also assess the quality of carpets on stairs and other areas to decide if replacement is necessary.


Hire a professional carpet cleaner to assist you

If you had a single takeaway from this article, it is that a regular schedule can assist in maintaining a happy and healthy household. However, if you have trouble making time to sanitise your carpet, you can always hire professional specialists to do the dirty deed, so you don’t have to.


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