Top Cleaning Tricks From Professional Cleaners that You Should Use

Carpet Cleanig Tips

Have you ever wondered how professional cleaners leave your home looking neat and spotless? It’s all about paying attention to the smallest of details. A lot of people make the mistake of overlooking things when cleaning their home (which can lead to a few dirty spots here and there). We tend to rush through the cleaning process just to get it over with. The end result is that it makes your home just a tad bit cleaner than it was before.

If you’re looking to step up your cleaning game, here are a few tricks we’ve learned from professional Perth carpet cleaners that you can apply for immaculate cleaning results.

  1. Dust from top to bottom

Dust is scattered everywhere in your home. Just look above and you’ll notice how dusty the ceiling fans are. There might even be a few cobwebs hanging around the corners of your house. When dusting your home, start from the top first before cleaning the bottom. The reason behind this is because when you start dusting from the bottom, it’ll inevitably get dust later on when you clean the top part.

Begin by dusting the ceilings and corners while progressing to the walls until you make your way down the floor. This allows the dust to settle at the bottom and allow you to vacuum the majority of the fine particles. Also, pay attention to your baseboards and window sills. These areas tend to accumulate the most dust over time so make sure to give them a quick wipe with a sponge that’s soaked in hot, soapy water. Finish by wiping with a dry cleaning cloth afterwards.

  1. Clean below your furniture

Tables, sofas, and cabinets can gather plenty of dust underneath them. These spots tend to get missed out by a lot of homeowners when cleaning their home. You may even encounter dust bunnies hiding underneath your furniture (small clumps of dust that form when an area is not cleaned regularly). If you want to achieve a next level of cleanliness, move your furniture and clean underneath them.

If the furniture cannot be moved, you can use a mini vacuum attachment that fits underneath the furniture to remove dust and dirt. Ideally, you want to clean below your furniture at least once a week to prevent clumps of dust from forming.

  1. Mop the floor after you finish vacuuming

While regular vacuuming is essential for keeping dust at bay, you should always follow it up by mopping the floor after you vacuum. This helps collect remaining dust that’s been left off by the vacuum cleaner and cleans off any spills, spots, or stains that have been stuck on the floor. If you notice a sticky feeling underfoot, it’s a definite sign that you should mop your floor.

  1. Change your bedsheets weekly

Nothing beats getting a good night’s rest after a long, tiring day of cleaning. For a comfortable good night’s sleep, consider changing your bedsheets on a weekly basis. The reason for this is to prevent dust mites from inhabiting your mattress. These microorganisms feed on dead skin cells and can multiply at a rapid pace if you don’t keep your bedroom clean.

That’s why most professional cleaners pay close attention to the bedroom to eliminate as much dust as possible. Aside from changing your bedsheets weekly, consider dusting your bedroom twice a week to minimise allergy triggers as much as possible.

  1. Clean the bathroom fixtures

A clean bathroom is important for maintaining good personal hygiene. That said, many people forget to clean bathroom fixtures like the shower handles and faucet when cleaning. Take a close look at your bathroom fixtures and you’ll notice a few water stains that are quite unsightly. To remove these stains, combine one part vinegar to one part water and transfer the solution onto a spray bottle.

Spray the solution onto the bathroom fixtures and use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe it down. The vinegar solution not only removes water stains, but also kills up to 80% of germs as it is a natural disinfectant.

  1. Clean as you go

To help maintain cleanliness inside your home, always clean the areas you’ve worked on before leaving. This applies particularly to the kitchen where it can accumulate oily residue and food stains. Once you’re done cooking, clean the entire kitchen area from the gas range all the way up to the sink. This will keep things from getting out of control and will help avoid cross-contamination of germs when cooking.

  1. Pay attention to high-traffic spots of your home

Much like the kitchen, keeping up with high-traffic areas of your home on a daily basis is essential to maintaining its overall cleanliness. Tackle a small chore before it becomes a big one. One example is your living room where most of your family members spend their time. A quick vacuum of 10-15 minutes a day is enough to minimise the dust count inside your home.

If you own a pet, you may need to vacuum much more frequently to prevent pet dander from sticking into your furniture. Developing simple cleaning habits will go a long way towards helping you avoid a much larger mess later on.

  1. Declutter first before cleaning

It can be tough to achieve a deep level of clean if there’s a bunch of clutter lying around. Take the time to eliminate as much clutter as possible so nothing gets in the way once you start cleaning. Return stuff from where they belong and discard unusable items in sight. You’ll be surprised as to how much time you’ll save when you declutter before you clean instead of doing both at the same time.

Professional cleaners know the ins-and-outs of keeping your property looking nice and tidy.  Remember, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference when cleaning your home.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to achieve similar cleaning results and make your home look like it’s been professionally cleaned.