Tips on How to Make Carpet Cleaning Easier

Let’s be honest, carpet cleaning in is such a chore. No one wants to spend hours vacuuming a carpet from one corner to another. But did you know that you can make carpet cleaning so much easier? If your textile flooring needs a bit of a tidy up, here are a couple of cleaning hacks that you can use to make it look like new in record time.


Use shoe racks and rubber mats

The first step to make carpet cleaning easier is to prevent your carpets from becoming dirty in the first place. Outdoor shoes carry a lot of dirt and debris and the last thing you want is to transfer these particles onto your textile flooring. A rubber mat that’s conveniently placed on the entrance door will allow you and your visitors to wipe your shoes off prior to entering your property.

Shoe racks are also a good idea. Instead of walking around the home with your shoes on, you can remove your shoes and place them on the shoe rack. Ideally, the shoe rack should be placed just near the door entrance so you don’t end up tracking dirt, mud, or debris inside your home. You can also purchase indoor slippers or shoe socks to help keep your carpet look as clean as possible.


Use a squeegee to remove pet hair

If you own a pet, chances are you’re aware of how pet dander can accumulate all over the place. These tiny flecks of skin can sometimes adhere to fabrics and furniture, even if you give it a good vacuum. One trick to remove pet dander quickly is with a trusty squeegee.

A squeegee may be intended for cleaning windows, but it does a relatively good job of removing pet dander from your carpets. Because of its smooth, flat rubber blade, a squeegee collects pet hair effectively without damaging your carpet fibers. The next time you’re dealing with stubborn pet dander, just use a squeegee and remove them in a matter of seconds.


Remove stubborn stains using a steam iron

Stain removal is one of the more tedious tasks when cleaning a carpet, especially if you’re dealing with heavy stains that come from blood or coffee. Fortunately, you can make quick work of these stains by using a handy steam iron.

First off, vacuum the area to remove hard particles. Secondly, use a water and vinegar mixture to soak the stains for around 5 minutes. This mixture helps soften the stain and prepare it for steaming. From there, you want to place a damp towel on top of the stain before blasting it off with a steam iron. The steam dislodges the stain and the damp towel will absorb some of the stains after being lifted off.

Continue repeating the process until the stain has finally been removed. This method also works if you’re dealing with melted candle wax which can be very difficult to remove on a carpet.


Combat oil stains using baking soda

Oil stains are probably the worst kinds of stains on carpets. The carpet fibers absorb the oils and make it quite difficult to extract. You can’t treat these stains by just dabbing it alone and you’ll need a special substance to dry it out. This is where baking soda comes in. Baking soda absorbs the oil from the carpet fibers and forms some sort of a dry crust, to which you can then vacuum and leave you with a much lighter stain.

Keep repeating this process until most of the oil has been absorbed. From there, you can use the steam iron method to effectively remove the remaining oil stains.


Treat spills as soon as possible

Think of your carpet as a big sponge that absorbs any liquid it comes in contact with. Most homeowners make the mistake of letting spills and liquid stains dry out before cleaning them. This can lead to more tedious cleaning tasks down the road which is why you want to clean them as soon as possible.

The right way to clean up a spill is by blotting them gently with a clean cloth or paper towel. This helps absorb most of the stains and doesn’t push the liquid deeper into the carpet fibers. Continue blotting the stained area until it is damp. You can use the previously mentioned water and vinegar mixture to clean hard stains by letting them soak for 5 minutes and scrubbing the area with a light detergent until the stains have been fully removed.

These tips will help make carpet cleaning in Ellenbrook so much easier and trouble-free. It’s just a matter of cleaning smarter and not harder. Make sure to try these tips out and see how much of a difference it can make to your carpet cleaning routine.