The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

A number of business owners and property managers sometimes have this misconception that the type and intensity of cleaning that works at home can also be replicated in an office, store, hospital, restaurant, warehouse, building, school, and other commercial properties. So when looking for cleaners, they sometimes turn to cleaning companies that offer only residential cleaning. The company has a solid performance in cleaning houses; surely, residential cleaning is good enough for commercial properties, too, right? Wrong. Although cleaning a home sometimes has a number of similarities with cleaning a hospital, restaurant, airport, or high rise office building, there are still stark differences between commercial cleaning in Perth and residential cleaning.

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Home cleaning crews usually arrive at a customer’s house during the day, a time when the customer is usually at home. They can see how their houses are cleaned and their presence allows them to “supervise” the process. Commercial cleaning crews, on the other hand, can be called into work any time of the day. Business owners or managers have the option to call in the cleaners during the day while his or her employees are still working. Or they can also have the crew clean the establishment when employees have left the premises. There are instances when commercial cleaners are called into work during the weekends or holidays to maximize the time when the establishment’s employees are not around.

Residential cleaners are trained to be very thorough when dusting, scrubbing, or mopping the customer’s properties. Leave no stone unturned, so to speak. They sometimes handle personal effects (fragile mementos or knick-knacks) under the watchful eyes of the homeowners, so they have to slow down as a precaution. The customer is always there to keep an eye on the workers, so they might as well be very thorough. In contrast, commercial cleaners are trained with speed and efficiency in mind. Although they are just as thorough as those who are assigned to clean a customer’s home, commercial cleaners are always concerned about how they can maximize their time with the same meticulousness as residential home cleaners.

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But why is efficiency coupled with meticulousness so important in the commercial cleaning business? Residential cleaners cover only a limited area. Sure, many customers are lucky to have palatial residences, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Whereas commercial cleaners are usually assigned to highrise buildings, large offices, malls, schools, hospitals airports, and many more. They simply do not have the luxury of time, so they have to be thorough in cleaning yet remain efficient.

The types of cleaning materials, tools, and equipment used help to distinguish commercial cleaners from domestic cleaners. Residential cleaners often use low-cost vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, buffers, and other cleaning equipment. Everything becomes supersized when it comes to commercial cleaning as these pieces of equipment cover more area and hence, need to work harder and faster. Commercial cleaners also use machines that are not typically used at homes, such as heavy-duty floor sweepers, pressure washers, and industrial vacuum cleaners. In addition, there is a big difference between the cleaning materials used by domestic cleaners and commercial cleaners. Residential cleaning crews can sometimes use cheap mops and rags to be cost-effective. In contrast, commercial cleaners would spare no expense and use high-grade mops and microfiber cloths that would not wear out easily when used in large and difficult to clean areas with high foot traffic.

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The types of chemicals used by residential cleaners and commercial cleaners are, more often than not, worlds apart from each other. Residential cleaners can sometimes get away with generic, store-bought cleaning solutions and detergents. Commercial cleaners, on the other hand, often use industrial-strength chemicals to scrub and sanitize the area. This is especially true for places that have a high standard of cleanliness, such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, food processing plants, and the like. One mistake could cost the establishment its health certificate and its reputation, so it’s important to use the strongest yet safest chemicals available on the market when cleaning commercial establishments.

Another crucial difference between commercial and residential cleaning is the cost of the service. Due to the limited space, they are assigned to clean, getting the services of residential cleaners is more cost-effective for homeowners. While commercial cleaning is arguably more expensive than home cleaning because of the vast space the cleaners need to cover and the sometimes perilous nature of the job, the cost for the business owner is reasonable. It pays off in the long run as competent commercial cleaners know which chemicals are safe and unsafe for use for the office, hotel, or restaurant furniture and equipment. This knowledge on which chemical is safe to use prolongs a furniture or an equipment’s life. More often than not, commercial cleaners also work as a team. This setup is definitely more expensive, but they cover a lot of space and they finish the job faster than those who work alone or in smaller groups.

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If you are a business owner in Perth or if you manage one, it is important to know which type of cleaning service is perfect for your hotel, restaurant, office, school, warehouse, food processing plant, or hospital. With so many things to consider, choosing the right cleaning service to hire in Perth can be quite confusing and daunting. The best way to get rid of the confusion and doubt is to arm yourself with knowledge. Here at Boas Cleaning Services, we help our customers decide which cleaning services are perfect for them by demystifying the differences between commercial and home cleaning services. We have tons of services available for residential, commercial, and industrial customers–from simple carpet cleaning to maintaining upholstery to clearing away debris in construction sites. Give us a call at 1300 611 454 or reach us at 0423 821 974 to know more about our commercial cleaning services. You can also send us an email at [email protected] or enter your information via a form in this website for a consultation or to book our services.