Pet-Proofing Your Carpet: Tips for Animal Lovers

There can be no denying the joy, companionship, and frequent hilarity and amusement pets bring into our lives. The trouble is, they also bring a great deal of filth, debris, and general unpleasantness at times. Yes, we have to face facts: our pets simply do not care about the state of our carpets, beds, and sofas. So, if you’ve suffered at the paws of your furry friends and have carpets that require thorough cleaning, look no further than your friendly, reputable carpet cleaning professional in Perth to handle the situation quickly and efficiently, leaving your carpets like new.

But how best to protect them from returning to the same dirty state within a few short weeks? In this article, we have gathered together some tips and advice from our team of experts on how to pet-proof your carpets.

Pet gates

While your friendly, furry companions will often want to follow you anywhere and everywhere you go around the house, there might be rooms you simply cannot afford them to drag dirt into. A newborn baby’s room, for example, probably isn’t the best place for them to make themselves comfortable and shed lots of fur and dander. Use pet gates strategically around your home and remember dogs and cats are smarter than you think. We’ve all seen hilarious videos of them thwarting attempts to keep them out by simply jumping over or cleverly opening gates.

Protecting your carpets

When it comes to pet-proofing your carpet, there are only so many tactics you can employ and products you can use. For the most part, it will be a running battle between keeping dirty paws off your clean carpets and dealing with the aftermath once you fail. Here are some tips you can employ:

  • Wipe their feet
    This is not easy to achieve if your pets have constant access to a garden and can come and go as they please. However, you can certainly ensure their feet are clean and mud-free after any walks you take them on.
  • Regular baths
    Give those filthy beasts regular baths, especially after any beach, park, or other outdoor excursions. Hose off any serious mud and debris outside if possible then use an old, dirty towel to prevent too much dripping before relocating to the shower area.
  • Food bowls
    Always feed your pets in a spot without carpet if possible and place suitable mats under their bowls to catch debris. Discourage them from carrying food elsewhere, especially to soft, stainable surfaces as dogs are so often keen to do.
  • Pawdicures
    Keep your dogs’ claws trimmed and neat as this prevents excess matting of the fur in that area and a subsequent increase in water/mud retention. This practice is useful in that it doubles up to minimise claws snagging on carpet piles. If a regular routine of brushing, grooming, and trimming is established, you will also see a reduction in the amount of fur they shed.

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