How to Keep Your Carpet Clean While You’re on Vacation

Carpet Cleaning

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Heading out on a week-long vacation? Before you pack your bags and lock the door, it’s worth taking a close look at the condition of your carpet. You don’t want to be greeted with a stained carpet after coming back from a successful trip. Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate pretty quickly and ruin the appearance of your textile flooring and this can be exacerbated if you leave your carpet in a dirty state. There are a couple of things you can do to keep your carpet in mint condition while enjoying the holidays.

Here is how to keep your carpet clean before you head out for your much-needed getaway.

1. Treat stains immediately

Carpet stains are the bane of many homeowners. You take every precautionary measure possible in hopes of keeping its immaculate appearance, but accidents do happen. A coffee spill is more than enough to cause distress and the worse part is, the stain can seep through the carpet fibers. This makes it even harder to remove if you leave it to dry for a few days.

To get rid of carpet stains, use a water/vinegar solution and transfer it into a spray bottle. Spritz the stained area gently and use a non-bleach detergent and a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stained area. Rinse and repeat until the stain has been removed. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach as this can damage the carpet fibers and compromise the look of your carpet.

2. Vacuum your carpet regularly

Vacuum cleaning is an essential part of carpet maintenance. This helps minimise the dust count inside your home and keep it allergen-free If you have pets running around the house, vacuuming on a regular basis is crucial to keep pet dander under control. Carpets are made of a porous material and the small spaces in between the carpet fibers are where most allergens get trapped.

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Leaving your carpet in a dusty condition can trigger allergic reactions when you come back so try to vacuum all areas of your carpet before heading out. The trick is to vacuum slowly which allows your machine to suck up more dirt and dust. Take your time and allow the brush to agitate the fibers to achieve a better clean.

3. Ask help from the professionals.

Sometimes stubborn stains can prove too much to handle. If you don’t know your way around carpet cleaning, you can risk ruining your carpet’s overall appearance. Professional carpet cleaners can tackle all sorts of stains and make your carpet look like brand new. They come complete with high-powered vacuums to specially formulated carpet shampoos to remove dust, dirt, and debris that have seeped within the carpet fibers.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned before a holiday trip means you’ll be coming back to a warm, cozy environment that feels homey and relaxing. Don’t let your dirty carpet hinder you from preparing for your vacation and let the professionals take care of the cleaning for you.

4. Keep your outside shoes away from your carpet.

Bringing your shoes inside can quickly make your textile flooring look dirty and introduce outside pollutants like excess dirt and bacteria. Ideally, you want to take your shoes off the moment you step inside your home. This keeps you from having to vacuum frequently to remove all of the accumulated dirt. Investing in household slippers can go a long way towards keeping your carpet in a relatively clean state prior to your vacation.

You can also invest in a shoe rack to store your shoes. Keep your outside shoes away from your carpet as much as possible

5. Have your carpet steam cleaned.

Steam cleaning is one of the best deep-cleaning methods you can use for your carpet. It treats your carpet beyond surface level by getting rid of harmful microorganisms. You probably don’t know it, but your carpet is ridden with bacteria, dust mites, and fungi. These microorganisms live underneath your carpet and they don’t go away with just vacuuming alone. Steam cleaning helps kills these microorganisms and reduce allergy triggers inside your home.

The heat from the steam along with a chemical cleaning agent dislodges difficult-to-remove particles in your carpet. Heading out on a vacation is the perfect opportunity for you to steam clean your carpet. Nothing feels better than coming home from a week-long vacation than a fresh, stain-free carpet.

How professional carpet cleaners can help

Preparing for a getaway can be time-consuming and you may not have enough time to clean your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners in Perth can make quick work of even the dirtiest of carpets and is a convenient way to have fresh carpets that are stain and odour-free. Before you go on your vacation, consider having your carpets professionally cleaned and you’ll definitely enjoy coming home to a clean and cozy environment.