8 Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have a home or a business covered with a carpet, it is beneficial to know the importance of keeping carpet clean. Carpet cleaning can not only improve your health but also helps boost your home’s appearance. 

Here are our top 8 health benefits of carpet cleaning in Perth.

A dirty carpet can be dangerous

Carpet cleaning removes trapped contaminates. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, dirty carpets can hold multiple sources of cockroach allergens, particle pollution, gas, dander, and dust. This can make toxic airborne gases adhere to them and get caught in the fabric.

Boas Cleaning Services will not only help kill the bacteria but also clear trapped pollutants that can impact your health.

Regular carpet cleaning can reduce mould

Cleaning the carpets prevents mould which is a common allergen that can wreak havoc in your house. When dirt and debris get stuck within carpet it can lead to instant mould growth if moisture or spills are not directly dried. With build-up removal, you can decrease the chances of falling ill. 

This will seriously lower your chance of asthma, mould-induced allergens, and other respiratory ailments. 

Dust mites in carpet

Carpet cleaning prevents the infestation of dust mites. Due to their size, these nasty critters are hard to detect. Although they do not cause allergies they leave shrunken body parts and feces which we can easily breathe in.

With our professional tools, we can help you get rid of these disgusting and dangerous insects.

Improvement of the air quality

When pollutants get trapped into carpet, it can become difficult to breathe.

Those who have allergies and asthma can always breathe well after cleaning their carpets with our services. Carpet cleaning can improve the quality of indoor air and reduce the risks of allergen-induced diseases.

Children health safety

While any suspended residue is harmful to human beings, children are likely to be the worst victims. Usually, children spend most of their time on the floors. The bad thing is that their immune system is not yet as mature as ours. Whether it is in child care, your home, or school, as far as the heath of the children is concerned you need to habitually clean your carpets to keep your children in a healthy state.

Boost your mental health

Having a clean carpet is not only beneficial for your body but your mind as well. Let’s be honest, most people usually tend to get stressed when they get into their home only to realize that their carpet is full of multiple dust particles. This stress alone can greatly impact your mental health.

If your carpet and house are not clean it will affect you throughout each day since you cannot relax while knowing that it is dirty. The worst feeling is when you are planning to have visitors and you know very well that your carpet is dirty. Instead of living your life with a large amount of stress, boost your mental well being by aiming to clean your carpet regularly.

Furthermore, cleaning your carpet regularly will greatly help to improve your sleep. Commonly, our breathing changes when we are sleeping by decreasing and becoming a more steady pace. Just like when you are awake, the air is also vital when you are sleeping. Remember, you will be spending 6 to 8 hours in your bedroom sleeping per night. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the room is completely clean.

Removal of organic waste

Carpet cleaning services such as ours will use the proper cleaning tools and techniques to extract organic wastes such as skin cells, pet waste, vomit, blood, and urine. In addition to this, carpet cleaning also helps to eliminate any odours produced by dirty carpet, which thereby creates a very clean atmosphere.

Carpet cleaning helps removes pet hair

If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat, their hair can easily become trapped in the inner fabrics of the carpet which can make it unclean. When compared to other forms of dirt, this type of hair is very challenging to remove from carpet. Unfortunately, if left to sit, pet hair can cause several breathing problems especially if you are allergic to them. Due to this, you recommended using Boas Cleaning Services.

Easy carpet cleaning tips:

Keeping your carpet clean should be a hassle-free task. If you are looking to clean your carpet then these tips can help you:

  • Instead of rubbing the stains try blotting them.
  • Try using club soda to clean your carpet.
  • Do carpet spot cleaning as soon as the stain appears.
  • Try shaving cream to help clean the stains.
  • Freeze any dried gum if possible.
  • Use dishwasher detergent to clean the carpet.
  • Vacuum and deep clean your carpet timely.
  • To remove odour, use mixed equal parts of warm water and vinegar.


While we usually associate carpets with the luxury of our homes and places for business, various other benefits are associated with health directly. Carpet cleaning helps reduce the noise and dust that is caused by pedestrians and equipment. Since manufacturers tend to provide cleaning guidelines for their carpets, including professional cleaning, vacuuming, and DIY, you need to have your carpet cleaned regularly.

As you can see, the health advantages of carpet cleaning are endless. Say no today to poor lung health and dirt infested carpets. Contact Boas Cleaning Services today to clean your carpets regularly, so you can enjoy long-term health benefits.