Will Wearing Shoes Indoors Damage Your Carpet?

Wearing Shoes Indoors Damage Your Carpet

Remember how your mom always told you to leave your shoes at the door? Well, it turns out that she was right. Although it may feel comfortable to wear your shoes indoors, it’s usually a good idea to take them off. Otherwise, you risk damaging your carpet and bring in all sorts of dirt and bacteria from outside. Still not convinced? Here are a couple of reasons why you should avoid wearing your favourite footwear whilst at home.

The carpet will accumulate dirt quickly

Even if the soles of your shoes don’t appear dirty, you’re still tracking in dirt and other particles than you may realise. Wearing shoes indoors can quickly turn your carpet into a soiled mess, meaning more sweeping and vacuuming throughout the week. Over time, your flooring will start to look old and you may even notice a few discoloured spots here and there. When this occurs it is highly recommended to get in touch with the number one carpet cleaner in Perth, WA.

To avoid these problems, you can simply leave your shoes at the door or better yet, buy a shoe rack to store your footwear. You’ll be surprised as to how clean your carpet will look, even if you were to vacuum only once a week.

You’ll bring in harmful pollutants

It’s not actually the dirt that you need to be concerned about, but the microorganisms and pollutants that can make their way into your house. Bacteria, particulate matter, and toxins from the outside environment can trigger allergic reactions and even respiratory problems in some individuals.

Carpets are a catch-all for germs and other volatile organic compounds which is why you want to keep them clean at all times. One way to achieve that is by not wearing your shoes indoors, thus limiting your exposure to harmful pollutants.

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The carpet will wear out faster

If you want to maintain the condition of your carpet, you’ll have to implement a no-footwear policy inside the home. This is especially true if you’re using high-pile carpets which tend to get flattened by constant foot traffic. Think of the soles of your shoes as rough abrasives that can wear down carpet fibres prematurely. As time passes, you’ll notice that some parts of your carpet are already worn out and restoring them to their previous condition can prove quite difficult to do.

While wool carpets are extremely durable, most experts will still recommend taking your shoes off to preserve the condition of the carpet fibres.