Protecting Your Carpet In High Traffic Areas

Living rooms, foyers, stairs, and the area around the door are examples of heavy traffic places at home. The carpet in these specific locations gets filthy quickly. No matter how often you wash the carpet in high-traffic areas, it becomes matted and soiled faster. You must take precautions to save the carpet.

Here you will find information on protecting your carpet in high-traffic areas. Use the ideas below if you want to save money while keeping your carpet in good condition.

If you have decided to get a carpet, you must consider its intended use and the location where you will place it. Consider these two factors in high-traffic areas.

Select dark hues.

Because high-traffic areas get soiled often, a dark tone is recommended. The colour shouldn’t be too dark or too light. Even if you prefer the aesthetics of white, ivory, or beige carpeting, these colours aren’t appropriate for high-traffic areas. Choose crimson, blue, charcoal, green, or brown to make a better choice. Dirt and stains will not appear as much in these dark tones as in lighter colours.

Choose a carpet with a long-lasting fabric.

The most consequential factor to consider is the carpet fibre type. It has a considerable impact on the carpet’s lifetime. If you’re looking for carpet for corridors or living areas, go for something robust, strong, and long-lasting. Choose from nylon, wool, or loop pile as a fibre. Longer piles pick up more dirt and dust than shorter piles.

How can you keep your carpet in good condition in high-traffic areas?

Unfortunately, many do not know how to clean their carpet correctly. If you follow a few easy principles, you can extend the life of your carpet, whether it’s new or old. Even though the rug requires protection, it is a pleasant and welcoming accent for your home.

The most excellent techniques to preserve your carpet are listed below:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming

Vacuum regularly in high-traffic areas. You should do this at least twice a week if you have a large family. If this is not the case, you may vacuum it at least once a week. Vacuuming guarantees that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. It removes dirt and trash from the environment.

To make cleaning easier, use a light vacuum with a compact handle. Vacuuming regularly cleans routine traffic wear and increases the carpet’s life. It also enhances the air quality in your home in general.

  • Cleaning on the spot

For various causes, the carpeting floor will have stains and spots sooner or later, and you will not be able to avoid it. If you have children or pets, carpeting messes will be regular. It would be best to strive to eliminate stains and spills as soon as you notice them. If not, it will penetrate the fibres and cause dangerous mould to grow.

Many individuals have parties or provide drinks like tea, coffee, and wine in their living rooms. Kids also eat in this area. As a result, food accidents happen often on the carpet. If there is a liquid spill, blot the site and don’t rub it until fully dry. Rubbing it enlarges the spills and drives the filth deeper into the rug. This will make it close to impossible to clean.

Spot cleaning can be done using homemade DIY projects, or you can use a steam cleaner or a pet stain remover machine. You can remove difficult marks from the carpet with a decent DIY treatment. Always use a non-abrasive, carpet-friendly cleaning solution. Also, the cleanser must be able to remove odours and oily spills.

  • Maintain clean feet.

When you’re trolling about the room, always try to keep your feet clean. Keep filth away from the carpet since it collects more dirt than a hard floor. You may wear socks or slippers as well. In any case, keeping your feet clean is an excellent habit to develop.

  • Invest in a doormat.

You won’t be able to prevent your guests from wearing soiled shoes or socks. But you must figure out a way to keep the dust and dirt from entering with them. The most effective method to keep these elements out is to install a welcome mat in front of your door.

Having a doormat is a fantastic idea. According to carpet experts, you can politely ask your visitors to wipe their feet on the mat. It may not avoid all dirt, but it can keep solid particles from getting on their shoes. Also, make sure the floor mat is cleaned regularly. The most excellent part here is that you can wash it in the washing machine when you need to.

  • Have a no-shoes policy on the carpet.

Dirty shoes, muck, and waste will wear the carpet if you or other family and friends enter the house with them. So children and other family members must be taught to take off their shoes before entering your home. Excessive use of shoes can cause the carpet to wear out over time. A no-shoes policy is an excellent approach to protect your carpet from wear and strain.

  • Hire professionals.

Of course, you can only do so much with these approaches. The best way to protect your carpet is to have them regularly cleaned by experts. Theese guys know what to do and can advise you further on maintaining your carpet. If you need a Fremantle carpet cleaning company, hire the services of Boas Cleaning Services.