How to keep carpets clean in rental properties

Carpets always add an element of luxury to a room, however, they can also result in a little more effort to keep your rental property clean both from the landlord’s and the tenant’s perspectives. We have compiled a list of hints and tips on how to protect the carpets in your rental property to help keep your carpets in the best possible condition. These few considerations/tips should see your carpet last longer and minimise any issues that may arise from potential stains and damage.

Select an appropriate carpet

This one is for the Landlord. While neutral colours are preferred for rental properties it is highly advised to install a carpet that is not beige or light in colour. Select a hard-wearing carpet with warmer tones to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear and visible stains. How to protect the carpets in your rental property starts with a carpet that is suited for the purpose. Electing to install a higher quality carpet will delay the expense of needing to replace it by quite a few years.

Moving in day

This is the day when your floors are most likely to have the heaviest foot traffic from moving furniture and boxes inside. This is an imperative time to consider how to protect the carpets in your rental property. If you have carpet in hallways or your entranceway, consider placing towels or some type of temporary protective cover over the carpet to minimise the risk of dirty shoes or boxes leaving marks. Consider setting up a temporary table somewhere out of the way for drinks and other spillable liquids to be placed on while you’re moving in, instead of on the floor where the risk of spilling is much higher. Be sure to keep anything that may leave a mark off your carpeted areas and away from areas where they could easily be knocked over while unpacking.

Decorating your home

Consider putting rugs in high-traffic areas. These are a lot easier to clean regularly and will prevent any excessive wear and tear on your carpets. Bright, colourful rugs can add to the aesthetics of your home or perhaps you prefer something that blends with the colour of the carpet. Either way, a few well-placed rugs can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to maintaining your carpets in the long term and keeping them clean.

Shoes off!

It is common practice in many countries to remove your shoes before entering a building and it makes perfect sense. You may have stepped in something without realising it and then when you walk inside you are trudging the dirt from your shoes through the house. How to protect the carpets in your rental property boils down to taking a little extra care with how you treat them.

Regular Vacuuming

It goes without saying that regular vacuuming will keep your carpets cleaner. The longer time you leave between vacuums means the more dirt you will have that becomes inground into the carpet requiring a bigger effort to clean them properly. This is particularly important if you have pets.

Clean up spills promptly

Accidents will happen, especially if you have pets or little ones. How to protect the carpets in your rental property when a spill occurs? Do not rub the area, instead apply pressure and allow the moisture to absorb into a cloth. Use appropriate cleaning products for the nature of the spill and always try a discrete test patch first to make sure your carpets are suited to the product you are using. There is nothing more frustrating than successfully cleaning a spill only to have the cleaning product leave a mark.

Professional cleaning

Your carpets should have been properly cleaned before you moved in and, as required, you will do the same as you move out. Enlist the services of a carpet cleaning professional in Perth such as Boas Cleaning not only when you move but also regularly while you are living there. This way you get to enjoy the clean carpets while not having to worry about any damage from inground dirt that could affect your bond.

Protect your bond

Take photos. When considering how to protect the carpets in your rental property remember there will be normal wear and tear and it may be difficult to prove one way or another if any actual damage was present before or after you moved in. Inspect the carpets in your new rental and take photos of any areas that appear worn or damaged. This will save any disputes in the long run.

Everyone appreciates living in a clean home and protecting your carpets is a big part of this. If you have allergies, rid yourself of dust. If you have pets, rid yourself of unwanted hair. Keeping your carpets clean is the best start to healthy living. 

If you are a landlord or tenant of a rental property and need your carpets cleaned to perfection, look no further than Boa’s Cleaning Services. Call us today to find out more about our services or get a free quotation.