How frequently should you clean office carpets?

How frequently should you clean office carpets?

To maintain appearances and hygiene in the workplace, it’s important that the carpets are cared for with regular professional carpet cleaning. Keep in mind that busy office environments and other commercial spaces see lots of foot traffic. Not only that but food and drinks will find their way onto the carpet, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. They get dirty quickly and also suffer lots of wear and tear.

So, how often should you have the carpets cleaned in your commercial premises? Read on to find out more about the recommended frequency.

How often should those commercial carpets be cleaned?

Commercial carpeting can be quite expensive, so you’ll want to do all you can to keep it looking good for longer, and professional carpet cleaning will certainly help with its longevity.

How often you’ll need to have those carpets cleaned depends on a number of factors. The very first factor is how much foot traffic your carpets see each day, week or month. Some commercial environments are a lot busier than others. Secondly, is the carpet prone to receiving spills from food, drinks and other sources? The type of carpet can also play a role in how often it needs cleaning, as well as the colour.

It’s generally a good idea to book a professional commercial carpet cleaning at least every 6 to 12 months, more frequently for high foot traffic areas, entranceways, or if the carpet suddenly becomes heavily soiled due to spillage or possibly even mud being walked into the building during bad weather. On average, though, look at getting them cleaned every 6 months.

Also, keep in mind that frequent carpet cleaning doesn’t damage the fibres of the carpet. This is a myth.

What’s involved in professional commercial carpet cleaning?

What’s involved in professional carpet cleaning, and what’s the best method for cleaning commercial carpets?

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning commercial carpets is the most effective and recommended method. It’s the cleanest and most hygienic way of getting those carpets spotlessly clean and free of germs and debris.

Vacuum cleaners and household supermarket carpet cleaning products are okay for basic cleaning, but they don’t do a thorough job. Some steam cleaners use detergent, while other models rely solely on the cleansing and bacteria-killing power of hot steam to get the job done with steam as hot as 250 degrees Celsius.

Steam cleaners cleanse with steam and detergent while the powerful suction action of the machine removes even the deepest and most ingrained dirt and debris right down in the base of the carpet. The steam loosens the dirt, and then it’s sucked up by the vacuum.

Dry carpet cleaning

Although not completely dry, this technique uses considerably less water than other methods, including steam cleaning. Dry cleaning compounds are used to loosen in-ground dirt and debris, after which they are vacuumed up. Your carpet will be almost dry immediately after cleaning is completed.

Spot cleaning

Before doing a thorough and comprehensive carpet clean of your commercial premises, areas with stubborn stains may require spot cleaning first. Or, you may only want those areas that are stained to be cleaned in between comprehensive carpet cleaning. With the right cleaning agents and methods, even the most stubborn stains can be removed by a carpet cleaning professional.

Professional commercial carpet cleaning in Perth

Contact the commercial carpet cleaning experts at Boas Cleaning Services. We offer a variety of carpet cleaning methods but highly recommend steam cleaning for the very best results. Talk to us today about professional carpet cleaning and our other quality cleaning services.