Carpet cleaning for households with pets: dealing with fur, dander, and accidents

Nobody would deny canine companions enhance our lives and bring us joy, companionship, and loyalty not easily found elsewhere. If you’re a dog-lover then the old adage about ‘man’s best friend’ seems very apt but their friendship does not come without its cost. Dogs make a mess in the blink of an eye and seem dedicated to bringing every element of filth from outdoors into our homes to display proudly on our clean carpets.

Boas Cleaning Services are a team of experienced professionals who relish the challenge to clean almost anything, even if it seems beyond the point of no return. We put our collective heads together and have come up with some tips and advice when wondering how to handle what dogs leave in your carpet and keep it as fresh and clean as possible.

Use doormats

Placing some doormats and other absorbent mats in key areas can take the initial brunt of water and dirt from your dog’s paws and give you the best chance of keeping more precious internal areas clean and dirt-free.

Give regular baths

Dogs know when they’re dirty because they love it and are probably ecstatic, but they can also be trained to know you don’t share their enthusiasm for muck. Teach them to wait by the door for you if possible or to go immediately to the shower area when filthy. A regular bath is a great way to protect your carpets and is also proven to reduce the number of allergens dogs drop by a significant amount.

Urine and faeces

Accidents happen, especially with puppies in the house and it is important to act fast when they do. Canine urine is particularly pungent and the pheromones will entice dogs to return to that same spot and use it as a regular toilet if not eradicated.

  • Flood with water if no specific cleaning product is to hand. Use paper towels to remove moisture only once the area is fully soaked.
  • Do not scrub, press down with successive absorbent materials once flooded to lift everything away.
  • If possible, choose enzyme-based cleaners for the best results
  • Call professionals to handle older stains
  • Use a deodorising spray if any trace lingers after cleaning. Remember if you can smell it dogs can too, ten times stronger.

Fur and dander

Pet hair and dander can be very troublesome, especially for people who are sensitive to allergens. Removing every last scrap of them is a seemingly impossible task but luckily, fur and dander are attracted to rubber, so get yourself a brush with rubber bristles and give the area a good working over. Sticky lint rollers are a decent backup if you don’t have a rubber brush and sellotape wrapped around the fingers sticky-side out will help get up some of the more stubborn offenders.


Before the liquid has the chance to penetrate too deeply into your carpet, soak up and remove what you can with a dry paper towel. Then use an enzyme-based spray to break down the stain and follow that with deodorisers as required.

Engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner

No matter how hard you try to keep your precious carpets clean, having dogs makes it inevitable they will eventually need a deeper cleaning. It is a great deal less stressful and time-consuming to call up the professionals like those at Boas Cleaning Services and let them do the job properly. You are guaranteed incredible results that are simply unachievable by any amount of scrubbing or vacuuming alone.

Families with young children need to bear in mind the health risks associated with some of these substances. Be prepared to have carpets professionally cleaned every few months as the number of contaminants dogs bring into the home can be alarming and accumulate rapidly.

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When you decide it’s time to speak to a reliable, experienced carpet cleaning professional in Perth, please get in touch with a member of our team here at Boas Cleaning Services. They can give you all the information and advice you need to make sure you take the best course of action when faced with the question of how to handle what dogs leave in your carpet. They will gladly give you an obligation-free quote for their services and you are guaranteed a fair, totally transparent price at all times.