6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Carpets


Carpets have a certain charm that no other home accessory can give. They add warmth and cosiness that work well with any interior design. This is why many businesses and homeowners choose to decorate their spaces with carpets. Since we know that maintaining them can be quite a chore, it’s reassuring to know that Canning Vale’s best carpet cleaners are always available to help.

Aside from their beauty and versatility, there are a lot of things you probably do not know about them. It’s important to know these details as they can inform you of crucial details that you may need as you keep them clean and in great condition. Also, knowing these can help protect you and your family from health issues they may have. Here are some facts:

A carpet can have more germs than your toilet seat.

Does this come as a shock to you? Well, if you think about it, this makes so much sense. Often, because we know that the toilet is dirty, we exert extra effort in cleaning them regularly. Besides, we do not really touch them.

However, with carpets, we do not put them in the same category as the toilet when it comes to being unsanitary. But keep in mind that carpets get so much traffic. We always step on them, whether we have clean or dirty feet. Even pets often use them as their beds.

Since most of them are dark in colour, we cannot see that they become dirty over time. They are just there, lying on the floor, looking the same way they did when you first bought them. So we do not have visual cues that they are already full of germs.

Because of all these things, the carpet becomes a dirt powerhouse.

You must remove your shoes when you step on carpets.

Due to their material and texture, it is so easy for various dirt to get trapped in between the fibres of carpets. When you do not remove your shoes, all the debris will transfer to the carpet. As days, weeks, and months go by, they just accumulate there if you do not exert any effort to clean them. 

However, these things are not easy to remove. You need professionals who do deep cleaning to remove them.

When it comes to carpets, the 5-second rule does not apply.

Often, we think that merely vacuuming the carpet already does the job. But as we have mentioned, this method is very superficial. It does not remove deep-seated dirt and does not sanitize your carpet.

So for sure, there are a lot of germs and bacteria that just linger on its surface. So when you drop a piece of fruit, a cookie, or a slice of bread, don’t even think about eating them still. Throw them away. 

If you have allergies, asthma, or eczema, read this first.

Do you have allergies that do not seem to go away no matter what you do? Does anyone in your family have itchy skin? Or do some of you suffer from asthma? 

You may not be aware of it, but carpets may be the culprit. Often, dust mites settle in them. Their droppings can trigger asthma and eczema. So if you have such issues, you have to make sure you regularly clean your carpets. This is not just to preserve the carpet itself, but it is for your health and safety as well.

Carpets can carry germs that may make you sick.

When clean and well-maintained, carpets can act as a filter. They can trap pollutants from the air. However, when they could no longer hold everything because it is already on a “full capacity mode”, such pollutants disperse into the air. 

This poses a health risk to everyone within their vicinity. As a result, people’s asthma, eczema, and rhinitis are triggered.

Soil and sand are destroying your carpet

If you have a carpet at home, try to do this experiment. Lift one side of it and look closely. In between the fibres, what can you see? There is sand and soil, right?

Ordinary vacuums cannot reach such small particles. You need the help of professional carpet cleaners to effectively remove them. 

What will happen if you don’t? Well, first, it’s not good for your health as this contains germs and bacteria. Second, they will slowly destroy your carpet. These grind against your carpet and slowly disintegrate carpet fibres.

So if you want to preserve them well so you can use them for many years, you must deep-clean them regularly.


We understand why carpets are a staple in many people’s homes and offices. They are nice-looking and they add an understated elegance wherever they are placed. 

However, they also bring some complications. 

First, if they are not well-maintained, they can trigger various health issues. In fact, there are people whose asthma and eczema were aggravated by dirty carpets. So as much as they are a beautiful accessory to your home, you must take care of them and clean them regularly. 

Second, carpets can be actual homes to dirt, germs, and bacteria. What people usually do to clean them is not enough. They think a simple vacuum could suffice. This may remove some dirt, but it certainly does not sanitize the carpet. 

If you want a clean carpet that will last for a long time, you may hire Canning Vale’s best carpet cleaners.